Transition Information for our CASLI Exam Candidates

Here at CASLI, we want to recognize and applaud the hard work of our exam candidates who are pursuing their certified Deaf interpreter or national interpreter certification through RID.  As you are aware, CASLI has been going through - and continues to go through - a lot of major changes and transitions. We were incredibly [...]

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CASLI January 30, 2020 Updates

CASLI Director of Testing Updates [Image Description: Opening Slide: Depicts a red and black CASLI logo. Text: Star G. Grieser, Director of Testing, January 30, 2020 Updates]. [Image Description: A white woman with medium short brown hair wearing a black collared shirt is standing in front of a grey background]. My name is Star Grieser and I'm [...]

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CASLI August 29, 2019 Update

Opening Slide reads “CASLI, Center for the Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation. Star G. Grieser, Director of Testing” Image Description: Woman with medium-short brown hair and a black shirt standing in front of a grey background: Hello, my name is Star Grieser. I'm the Director of Testing here at CASLI, the Center for the Assessment [...]

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CASLI Updates – February 27, 2019

Image Description: Title slide contains the red and black CASLI Logo.  Underneath the log the text says: Star G. Grieser Director of Testing. Updates – February 27, 2019”. White woman with short brown hair and dark blue shirt signing in front of white background. Hello, my name is Star Grieser and I am the Director [...]

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NIC Job/Task Analysis Report

This report, which can be found at the bottom of the page, is the culmination of many months of work by the 2013-2015 RID Certification Committee (CC) and the contractor the CC selected via an RFP process, the Caviart Group. It should be noted that the RID Certification Committee worked with the Caviart Group to [...]

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History of the NIC

(as published in the original candidate bulletin) In November of 1993, the Massachusetts Association of the Deaf and Massachusetts RID held a joint conference. Each invited their association's president to attend and speak as keynote speakers; both agreed. Prior to the meeting, the two presidents, Janet Bailey of RID and Ben Soukup of NAD, had [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions July, 1, 2016 1. What does CASLI stand for? Center for the Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation, LLC 2. What is CASLI and what is this organization about? The principal activity of the Company shall be the development and administration of knowledge and/or performance tests that measure the proficiency of an individual [...]

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Exam Appeals

APPEAL OF TEST CONDITIONS/EXAM ADMINISTRATION CASLI will review appeals related to exam administration only, such as CASLI testing policy or procedure violations, testing equipment or materials malfunction, or environmental problems. Appeals can be considered on the basis of: Misinformation regarding testing arrangements (e.g. test taker given wrong location, time, etc.) Test administrator error (e.g. misinformation given to test [...]

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