NIC News Update

NAD-RID National Interpreter Certification (NIC) News Update October 2011 New Scoring Process Implementation Date Announced Pre-Job Task Analysis Survey (Deadline October 24, 2011) DECEMBER 1 MARKS THE NEXT STEP FORWARD FOR THE NIC! On December 1, 2011, the enhanced, streamlined, single-level NAD-RID National Interpreter Certification (NIC) Examination will go into effect. As announced at the [...]

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July 2011 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A. General questions about NIC program enhancements B. The first step: NIC Interview and Performance Examination scoring format enhancements C. About the NIC, advanced levels and specialty credentials D. The NIC exams, tentatively called NIC I and NIC II E. Employment- and client-related questions F. Taking the NIC examination A. General questions about NIC program enhancements Q-A1.  Why is RID [...]

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