NIC Knowledge Exam Sample Questions and Suggested Reference Materials

Sample CASLI Generalist Knowledge Exam Questions

These are some sample questions from previous exams administered. These questions are to serve as an example of the question types and format a candidate may see on the CASLI Generalist Knowledge Exam and are not necessarily questions included in the current exams. These sample questions are also not meant to indicate or reflect what one may score on the actual CASLI Generalist Knowledge Exam. For the answers to these sample questions, it is located on the third page of the sample exam with  links at the bottom that will direct you to the answers to the sample exams.

Suggested Reference Material

The following is a list of references that may be helpful in reviewing for the NIC Knowledge Exam. This listing is intended for use as a study aid only. RID does not intend the list to imply endorsement of these specific references, nor are test items necessarily taken directly from these sources.