Hope your summer has been a pleasant one.

As always, CASLI continue to be busy with numerous things going on.

A few quick updates to share:

CASLI Generalist Knowledge Exam and Case Studies Exam:

Beta Period ended for the CASLI Generalist Knowledge Exam and Case Studies Exam late June 2022. Both exams continue to be administered and operational as expected.  Candidates who take either exam can expect to get their exam results within 10 business days from the date it is taken.  This is part of CASLI’s quality and assurance process to ensure everything is functioning as it should be.


CASLI Performance Exam – NIC:

We are excited to communicate that the new CASLI Performance Exam – NIC for candidates pursuing the NIC Certification has been released as of July 6, 2022 and is now available for candidates to take the exam.  As previously mentioned, the new Performance exam is approximately 2 hours, and may be taken with the Case Studies Exam (Gap Test) especially for candidates who have passed the NIC Knowledge Exam.  Also, a friendly reminder that the new Performance Exam – NIC will be in beta period for the time being (approximately 6 months or longer). The first hurdle of the beta period would be that we receive a sufficient number of candidates taking the new exam to proceed to the next stage where the Scoring Committee convenes to establish scoring criteria and cut score. For more details on the exam, you can refer to CASLI Exam Content Outline and Preparation Guide and Take Sample Exam on CASLI Exam System to get an idea of what the exam looks like.  This helps candidates in knowing what to expect on the day of the exam.


CASLI Performance Exam – CDI (also known as Deaf Interpreter Performance Exam):

This exam continues to be in beta period and the good news is the Scoring Committee has completed their work and recently wrapped up. The next step is training the raters on the scoring criteria of the CASLI Performance Exam – CDI and that will be happening in August.  Once training is completed, raters will start rating exams. Once rating of examinations is completed, candidates will get their exam results shortly after.  We are aiming for candidates to get their results either August or September pending on progress in the upcoming weeks.  Please be advised that there could be slight delays and if there are, we will communicate this ahead of time.


Contacting CASLI:

CASLI has been experiencing high volumes of emails, requests, inquiries, along with other items that requires our immediate attention.  For these reasons, response to emails, requests, or inquires may take longer than usual.  We ask for your patience and understanding with this and request to please not send multiple emails or inquiries.

CASLI also has hired a Testing Manager and we are excited for them to start mid-August.  The hiring of the Testing Manager will help in increasing response time and provide the much-needed support that CASLI team needs in serving our communities.


CASLI Website:

With release of our recent exam(s), CASLI is working to update our information on our website.  We acknowledge that our website may not consists the most current information and will be updating our websites in the upcoming weeks. We thank you for your patience with this and at any time you have questions or need clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.


That is all of the updates for now. As always, feel free to contact us at info@casli.org or testing@casli.org      Enjoy the remainder of summer as the autumn season will be here before we know it.