Candidate Agreement

Candidates must read and agree to the candidate agreement in order to take their exams. This applies to both the knowledge and performance exams. The candidate agreement is as follows:

Candidates may get a RID member number by clicking on RID’s “portal” and entering their personal information. While paid membership to RID is not required for registering for CASLI exams, the creation of a member account and uniquely assigned RID member ID number is required. The RID member ID number MUST match exactly the candidate’s name and email address or candidate’s exam registration fees or exams scores may be forfeited. For any questions about obtaining a RID member ID number or creating a member account, visit this site or email

Candidates will receive instructions on how to contact the test site of their choice to schedule their testing appointment. If the exam isn’t taken within one year from the date it was purchased, the candidate may request a refund or forfeit their exam registration fees.

A map of CASLI Local Test Administrators and test sites is available through the CASLI Exam System. Contact the test site of choice to arrange the exam appointment directly. The test site administrator will confirm the appointment date and time, and provide the candidate with information on reaching the testing location. The candidate will then have one year from when the exam was paid and then Authorization to Test Token received via email to actually take their exam. If a candidate is unable to take their exam within one year of payment, they may refund their exam registration fee minus a $15 processing fee through CASLI Exam System. If your exam was purchased using RID’s Member Portal prior to the launch of CES, the candidate may contact to request a refund or, if applicable, RID store credit (*certain conditions apply. Please contact us at for more details.)

Candidates agree that they have carefully and completely reviewed all candidate and testing information available in the candidate handbook, the CASLI Exam System and on the CASLI website. These resources provide details about the examination and what to expect at the test site and within CASLI Exam System.

The name on a candidate’s ID and the information in their CASLI Exam System account must match exactly for the exam to be administered.

They will arrive at the test site at least 20 minutes before the scheduled appointment time. If they arrive at the test site less than 10 minutes before their scheduled appointment, they may be denied access to the test site and it will be considered a missed appointment and exam registration and all related fees may be forfeited.

The candidate must read and agree to the following:

This exam is confidential and is protected by law and that it is made available to the examinee, solely for the purpose of testing. It is understood that testing materials are the sole property of CASLI and that candidates are expressly prohibited from disclosing, publishing, reproducing or transmitting the content of this exam, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, verbal or written, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose.

It is also understood that failure to maintain the confidentiality of exam content may result in the invalidation of exam scores, prohibition from taking the exam in the future, legal action and/or other penalties as determined by the CASLI Board of Managers.

CASLI may use candidate exam recording for the purposes of training and/or monitoring rater performance. CASLI will maintain the confidentiality of all exam recordings during this process.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to make sure that the volume and picture on the monitor are to their comfort prior to beginning the exam and that the room conditions are satisfactory for testing. If there are any significant changes in the testing conditions, it is the candidate’s responsibility to notify the Test Administrator immediately to give them the opportunity to correct any technical or test site issues.

If there are any irregularities that occur during the administration of the exam, it is the candidate’s responsibility to notify the Test Administrator immediately to give them the opportunity to correct any technical or test site issues and to provide the details of any incident on the Candidate Feedback Form after the completion of the exam. The reporting of any irregularities does NOT automatically constitute an exam appeal.

The knowledge exam is auto-scored and the results will normally be returned fairly quickly. However, during the beta period of testing, it will take time to determine a cut score and the scoring process takes time to complete. This is a realistic part of the testing process and delays of results as such cannot be used as a basis for an appeal or for legal action against CASLI.

Trained raters will score the performance exam and that the scoring process takes time to complete. Time delays in reporting results are a realistic part of the testing process, and as such cannot be used as a basis for an appeal or for legal action against CASLI. During the beta period of testing after the release of the new performance exams, the return of results will be delayed. However, during normal operations CASLI strives to return performance exam results within 120 days.