Hello everyone,

Spring is here, still waiting for the warm weather though!  Hope all is well with everyone.

CASLI, as always, continues to be busy with multiple things on our plates. Anyhow, here is the update for this month (March 2024). 

Update on NIC Performance Exam

CASLI has been working with raters to complete the rating of all NIC Performance exams that were taken during the beta period (since July 2022). As raters started back in August 2023, we have made significant progress as all exams from July 2022 to October 2023 have been rated/scored and results have been sent out.  Most of November 2023 exams results have been deployed and we are currently finishing up December 2023 and having raters working on January 2024 exams.  Starting April 2024, candidates can expect their exam results within 90 days from when they took the exam.  This will conclude the beta period ( once all 2023 exams are rated and deployed) for the NIC Performance exam and we are truly excited to have gotten to this point. We are looking forward to the NIC Performance Exam being operational where candidates will get their results within 90 days.  


ONE year policy for Purchased Exams

CASLI has a policy in place which is that when candidates purchase their exams, they have up to one year to take the exam (as long as the testing cycle does not expire before that one-year window).  On our system, in November 2023, we added a new feature that would “push” the purchased exam to expire after 1 year from when it was purchased.  We have been flexible with this, however, be aware that starting July 1, 2024, this policy will be enforced.. If you have any exams that were purchased prior to July 1, 2023 that have not been taken, you have until June 30, 2024 to take the exam.  We will honor the refund ONLY for exams that have been purchased within the past year.  In the past, CASLI has been flexible with our policy on refunds, however, going forward, any exams that expires AFTER July 1, 2024 must either be (one of the following)  

  • Taken prior to the one-year expiration date (or before the testing cycle expiration date whichever comes first)
  • Have a refund request prior to the one-year expiration date or 
  • Forfeit all exam fees (once past the one-year expiration date from when the exam was purchased).  

Any exams purchases that are beyond the one-year time frame that has not yet been taken MUST be taken by June 30, 2024.  This is to help CASLI with tracking of exam purchases within our fiscal year and reduce bulk of liability on CASLI.  

If there are any questions or concerns regarding this, please reach out to us.  


Testing Cycle Expiration:

CASLI continues to work in calculating candidates testing cycle expiration dates in the upcoming months and will enter it into your CASLI account under your profile note. If you need to know your testing cycle expiration date immediately in concern that the testing cycle may expire soon; please contact us and we will calculate it and communicate with you.


Exam Information on CASLI account:

CASLI has been working on entering all exam information on candidates’ CASLI account under Profile-Notes.  This will take some time as there is a backlog of data to be entered.  If specific information is needed regarding the exam taken, please reach out to us. 


Call for CASLI Committees:

This is a call for people as CASLI needs people for several committees (Test Development Committee, Scoring Committee, Working Committee). Committees would participate in JTA (Job Task Analysis), exam maintenance, items writing, and routine exam oversight.  Anyone who partakes on the CASLI committee must be currently RID certified, holding active certification.  If you are interested, please apply by completing the CASLI Committee Application Form   Please share this with others as well.  If you have any questions, please contact testing@casli.org   


Opportunity to become rater for CASLI:

Applications to become rater for CASLI exams are accepted on a rolling basis. If you are interested in becoming raters, please apply.  Those who apply to become a rater MUST be certified with RID certification. We continue to need more BIPOC and Deaf raters.  If any questions regarding this, please contact testing@casli.org


More test sites needed:

As always, CASLI continues to strive in expanding our network of testing sites by implementing more sites across the US and even Canada.  If you know of possible organizations/company/business or even colleges/universities that would be a good fit, please let us know and we will reach out to them. If you are interested in becoming a local test administrator or know of a potential testing site that could be a good fit,  please reach out to manager@casli.org and more information is available on CASLI’s website at CASLI’s Local Test Administrators page.


As always, anytime there are any questions or need for more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at manager@casli.org,  info@casli.org, or testing@casli.org