Organizational Accounts

The CASLI Exam System (CES) is an online candidate management and test administration platform, used by the Center for Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation (CASLI), to host candidate accounts, process payments for exams, administer and then rate all exams for RID certifications programs. 

One of the features of the CASLI Exam System is the ability for an organization to create an organization account and load funds for the purpose of paying for exams for their own members of their organization. Organization account holders will be able to sign in, load funds into their account, generate payment tokens for their candidates, and then track who has used their payment tokens and taken their exams. These payment tokens (not to be confused with proctor tokens) are what a candidate uses instead of a credit card number to pay for their exams using funds from the Organizational Account. 

When and exam candidate registers for their CES account and requests an exam to be added to their candidate account, staff here at CASLI will manually verify eligibility for the exam they requested and then determine the appropriate price of the exam (e.g. regular versus discount rate, first time versus retake rate, etc.) CASLI staff will add that exam into the candidate’s individual account for purchase. Candidates will receive and email informing them their exam is ready for purchase and can log into their candidate account. Instead of using a credit card, the candidate can purchase the exam using a payment token number given them by the organization account to enter into the payment field. When the payment token is used, the amount of their exam will be deducted from the balance in the organizational account.

Setting up an Organizational Account:

You MUST contact CASLI directly to set up an Organizational Account.You cannot set up an Organizational Account on your own, however, once an Organizational Account is created for you, you are responsible for communicating with your candidate/members, designating payment tokens, and maintaining the account. See these instructions here.

Using An Organizational Account Payment Token to Pay for Exam

See these instructions here.