Local Test Administrators

With the new Test Delivery System moving to a digital computer-based, one-stop shop system, being an Local Test Administrators (LTA) for CASLI Exams will be easier than ever. uSked has designed the platform to have all materials, exams, forms, etc. accessible directly from the platform itself. The basic requirements for administering CASLI Exams are access to a computer with high-speed internet connectivity along with a webcam and monitor of 21 inches or larger (primarily for the Performance exams). The more specific requirements for each exams are listed below.  If you have any questions, please contact us! We look forward to working with you!

To qualify as an LTA, we generally look for sites/individuals who:  

  • Are already certified ASL interpreters OR have no interest in becoming a certified interpreter.
  • Have no real or perceived conflict of interest between their business or professional ventures and the national ASL Interpreter Certification examination system.
  • Are comfortable with current technology and are able to troubleshoot basic technical and test site issues like internet connectivity, lighting, sound control, adjusting the video, etc.
  • Are willing to go through simple basic LTA training for the administration of our exams.
  • Are willing to submit to a site Quality/Assurance (QA) visit from one of our QA Partners.
  • Are able to offer a minimum of 10 time slots per year for CASLI exams
  • Agree to serve in the role as an LTA and proctor for CASLI exams, including checking identification, monitoring candidates during the exams, maintain the integrity of the exams, etc.
  • Will best accommodate any ADA accommodations approved by CASLI for the exams candidates.
  • Will be paid per exam administration. Amount depends on which exam and the length of the exam. 

Test Site & Technical Requirements:

The minimum test site requirements for CASLI exams are:

  • Knowledge exams can be administered in a quiet, tidy private space such as a clean/empty cubicle or office with a desk, a desktop computer and chair, or a university testing center, a quiet classroom with desktop computers that allows for easy monitoring and privacy during testing, etc.
  • Performance exams to be administered in a private and quiet testing room, tidy and free from any distractions (e.g. a window to a busy hallway except if there are window coverings, a room with no sound coming in from outside, etc.). This room must also have sufficient lighting for video and either a blank wall or a backdrop for the exam candidate. The room must also have an armless chair for the candidates to sit in. Webcam and a monitor of 21 inches or larger is needed for the administration of Performance exam. 
  • Both exams: A computer with specs of Intel Core 2 Duo or higher and a monitor. Internet connection with a speed that is at least 10 mbps download / 10 mbps upload speed
  • We may be able to provide some peripheral equipment to you to be able to administer the exams. For instance, if needed, we may be able to provide the following: an external HD webcam, external computer microphone, external computer speakers, and/or backdrop for the performance exam. 

If you have any questions or need more details, please do not hesitate to contact us at testing@casli.org  or call us at (571) 257-4761

The first step to getting started is completing the online CASLI LTA Application