Exam Appeals

CASLI Exam Appeals Policy

All Appeals Must be made within five (5) business days of the exam appointment. Appeals made AFTER five (5) business days willnot be considered. 

Appeal of Test Conditions/Exam Administration

CASLI will review appeals related to exam administration only. This includes any issues that arose due to CASLI testing policy or procedure violations, testing equipment malfunction, or environmental problems.

  1. Misinformation regarding testing arrangements (e.g. exam candidate is given wrong location, time, etc.)
  2. Test administrator error (e.g. misinformation given to exam candidate, changing site information without informing exam candidate, unprofessional conduct, failure to follow guidelines in test administration manual, etc.)
  3. Equipment malfunction (e.g. technical issues. Internet outage, not having appropriate equipment, etc.)
  4. Environmental factors (e.g. unbearable temperature in the testing room; excessive, distracting loud noises, power outage, etc.)
  5. Unavoidable catastrophic events (e.g. death of an immediate family member; extreme illness or injury, accident or hospitalization, etc.)
  6. Natural disaster (e.g. earthquake, fire, snowstorm, etc. causing hazardous travel conditions)

Prior to beginning the exam, candidates are required to read and acknowledge a Candidate Agreement Form, which verifies acceptance of the exam room and testing conditions. If the exam room and testing conditions are not satisfactory, or there are any significant changes during the administration of the exam, the exam candidate is responsible for notifying the test administrator as soon as possible.

After the completion of the exam, candidates are asked to fill out a Candidate Feedback Form of their exam experience. This Candidate Feedback Form does NOT automatically constitute an appeal but may or may not serve as supporting documentation.

If any technical or test site issues occur during the administration of an exam that may have had a detrimental impact on the candidate’s performance, appeal of the test conditions must be submitted within five (5) days from when the exam was administered.

Appeal of Exam Results

Exam appeals will not be considered on the basis of rater judgment (RID Motion 96.03 adopted by CASLI)  or exam results (CASLI 2020). 

A candidate may NOT appeal their exam administration at any time after receiving their exam results. Appeals are only considered on the basis of test site, administrative, technical issues or catastrophic events and must be made within five (5) business days after the administration of the exam.

Appeal Based on Other Circumstances

To make an appeal, describe the incident or circumstances as fully and clearly as possible. Appeals can be submitted to CASLI via email at appeals@casli.org.

An appeal must be made via email and submitted by e-mail to appeals@casli.org.

You appeal email must contain:

  • Your Full Legal Name
  • Your RID Member Number
  • Your Exam Date and Time of Appointment
  • Your Exam Location (test site name and city, state)
  • Detailed circumstances of your reason for appealing. The appeal must identify the precise factual basis, applicable rules or examination conditions that are the basis for the appeal.​ 
  • Please provide appropriate documentation supporting the reason for your appeal along with your correspondence describing the reason for your appeal.

CASLI will endeavor to review and respond to your appeal within 30 business days. If you do not receive a response within 30 days, please follow up at director@casli.org.