Test Sites

Knowledge Exam Test Sites

CASLI contracts with Meazure Learning (formerly ScanTron Corporation) to administer our CASLI Generalist Knowledge  and Case Study Exam at their testing centers. Meazure Learning has over hundreds of test sites nationally for candidates to choose from. When can candidate purchases their knowledge exam within CASLI Exam System, CASLI will upload the candidate information to Meazure Learning who will then will contact the candidate directly with instructions on how to schedule their knowledge exam appointment using their scheduling portal. The knowledge will still be administered using the CASLI Exam System, however at one of Meazure Learning many testing centers.

Performance Exam Test Sites

CASLI has implemented Local Testing Administrators (LTA) sites across the nation and works with different sites to deliver the Performance Exam (accompanied with or without the Case Study Exam (GAP Test). View the map of our test sites on our CASLI Exam System.

The Performance Exams will be administered by a proctor that will assist with the logistics of the exam, including the test equipment and facilities.

Become a CASLI Performance Exam Test Site

The Performance Exams are administered at different test sites throughout the country. These test sites contract directly CASLI to administer the Performance Exams year-round on a first come first serve basis, depending on availability of the site.

Hosting a test site and administering the exams involves a commitment of time and facilities; however, it is a valuable contribution to your fellow interpreters and can be a very rewarding experience.

Click here to learn more about becoming a Local Test Administrator site in administering Performance Exam for CASLI

Contact CASLI  at testing@casli.org if you are interested in getting further information on having your location become a testing site.