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Screen opens with the CASLI Logo: CASLI letterings split into two. One half is red and the other half is grey with “Center for the Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation” juxtaposed in between the split CASLI letterings. March 2023: CASLI Updates in black text

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Screen dissolves to show Sean Furman, white man with short salt/pepper hair smiling, wearing a blue shirt, standing against an off-white background.


Hello, I am Sean Furman, Testing Director for CASLI. I hope all is well with you all. CASLI has some short quick updates that we would like to share with you.

CASLI NIC Performance Exam Updates:

Starting first with the NIC Performance Exam which is still in beta period. What this means is as the exam is still new, it does not yet have scoring criteria that can be scored/rated on which is why candidates have not yet received their exam results. This means we had to collect a pool of candidates exams before the scoring committee convene to review the exams to determine scoring criteria. That is where we are currently at. The scoring committee are in the phase where they have started review of candidates’ exam vignettes and had ongoing discussions as of earlier this month (March). Now they are doing their work reviewing candidates’ exam vignettes to assess appropriate scoring criteria. With that timeline, we are still hopeful that candidates will get their exam results late spring/early summer, more likely July/August 2023, pending on progress with scoring committee. Once the scoring committee complete their work with setting up scoring criteria and review of exam vignettes, then we focus on training raters which will take some time as well to ensure they comprehend how to appropriately rate candidates’ exam. We want you to be aware of this and the possibility of slight delay with candidates getting their exam results. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us as we will be happy to answer your questions or concerns.

New Testing Sites Announcement:

CASLI is thrilled to announce the implementation of a new testing sites:

  • St. George, Utah
  • Chula Vista, CA

CASLI continues to strive in expanding our network of testing sites and we would love to be able to provide access to interpreter performance testing in your area. If you know of a possible testing site in your area that could be a good fit or need of a testing site in your area, please let us know. We will be happy to reach out to prospective sites and work with them in becoming a testing site as we continue to strive in expanding our network of testing sites.

CASLI Appeal process:

This is related to CASLI’s Appeal process as there is a slight change with the process that we want to communicate with you. Following the current policy, candidates filing an appeal after taken their exam, their appeal must be filed within five (5) business days from when they took the exam. That practice will continue and remain the same. What has changed is how the appeal is filed as previously, candidate would send their appeal in via email. That process is being changed as CASLI has generated an online form where the appeal can be submitted electronically. This makes it easier for the candidate to submit their appeal and for CASLI to track the appeal and have it on file. Going forward, if a candidate want to file an appeal, they still must do so within five (5) business days, filling out the new electronic online form. We will include the website here in the transcript and also update it on CASLI’s website Appeal page. Click here for the new CASLI Exam Appeal Form.   Again, if you have any questions related to this, please feel free to contact us.

Reminder of CASLI’s 30 days window for purchasing Exams and CASLI’s Exam Rate change:

Next, the last two items to quickly mention as a reminder. First, related to the 30 days policy for Exam assigned to candidates’ CASLI account upon their exam request form submission. Regardless of which exam it is, once the candidate submit an exam request for the exam to be added to their CASLI’s account, they have 30 days window to purchase the exam (from when the exam is added to the candidates’ CASLI account). Once it pass 30 days and the exam has not been purchased, it will disappear from the candidates’ CASLI account. I remind you of this so you can plan ahead and be mindful of when you plan to purchase your exam within 30 days from your exam request. This will help reduce the hassle of having to resubmit a new request for exam to be added to your CASLI account.

Second item is related to the new exam rates (fees) that was announced back in November 2022. The new exam rates (fees) went in effect January 1, 2023. I wanted to quickly remind you of this in case you missed the November 2022 announcement. The change took place January 1, 2023 and you can refer to CASLI’s website for the November 2022 announcement.

Again, any time you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us as we will be happy to answer your questions/concerns. I wish you all a great week and great fortune from here on. Take care.

Screen dissolves to show the CASLI Logo.

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Sean Furman, Testing Director  VP/VRS: 571-257-4761

Amie Santiago, Testing Manager 

Sami Willicheva, Testing Specialist  VP/VRS: 571-357-3896 (in black text)