There are countless resources to help you prepare for exams

This is a very basic checklist for our exam candidate to navigate through taking their exams

Acquire the skills and knowledge that our exams are assessing

Create an account within RID’s member portal (an RID ID number is required) and an account within CASLI Exam System

Request an exam for purchase, contact CASLI with any accommodations requests

Once CASLI staff verify your eligibility and an exam is manually added to your account for purchase, pay for your exam

Read any relevant CASLI web pages regarding the knowledge exams or the performance exams, as well as, any bridge plan or “gap” test

Practice with the sample exams within CASLI Exam System to familiarize yourself with the user interface and navigation features

Ensure all your physical, emotional, and mental needs are met in preparation for the exams (e.g. get enough sleep, practice stress/anxiety reduction techniques, etc.)

Utilize the countless other resources and tips available to help you prepare for exams available on the internet!