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Hello, my name is Star Grieser and I’m the director of testing for the Center for the Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation. People have been contacting both Sean, our Testing Coordinator, and me every day asking when they can register for the NIC Interview and Performance Exam again. We are happy to let everyone know that our CASLI Exam System is fully operational. We are thrilled with the results of our new CASLI Exam system. People who have already navigated the CASLI Exam System has reported that it runs very smoothly, it is user friendly, it has a nice interface, and it is easy to navigate. We are so pleased with this system and know our exam candidates will be, too.

Exam candidates can go ahead and set up their user accounts with CASLI Exam Systems at CASLI.app. Once all personal information is entered and the account is set up, take a look around at the various features in the platform. You will see on the left-hand side of the screen a list of options you can click on to navigate the system.

[Image Description: A graphic appears on the right side of the screen showing the list of options. At the top, there’s the CASLI logo, and then the word “Candidate” and the following list of options: My Exam, Purchase Exam, Take Sample Exam, View Proctor Locations, Other Resources, Terms and Conditions, What to Expect].

These are the options:

My exams: This doesn’t become active until candidates have registered for or have taken their exam.

Purchase Exams: To purchase your exam, you will need to contact CASLI directly (testing@CASLI.org) as we have to verify your eligibility and whether your exam has already been purchased through RID’s member portal. Contact us to let us know and we will go into the RID member portal to verify your eligibility – that you have passed your NIC Knowledge exam, that you are still in within your testing cycle, and that you have had you Bachelor Degree or equivalent verified – and then add an exam into your account on the CASLI Exam System for you to purchase. Or, if you have already purchased an NIC Interview and Performance Exam through RID’s member portal, we will verify that and then add an exam in CASLI’s Exam System for you to register for and make your appointment.

[Image Description: A graphic appears on the right side of the screen showing a map of the United States of America and on the map, there are several green, yellow, and red pins].

View Proctor Locations: This is a nice feature with an interactive map. You can see the pins where we have our test sites. You will notice the pins are one of three colors: Green pins means that those sites are fully operational and ready to schedule candidates’ exam, yellow pins mean that those sites are still in the stage of Quality Assurance process and may have one or two steps left, red pins are test sites that are early in the application process of becoming a test site. We will continue to work with those red pin sites to get them to the point of being fully operational so candidates can go ahead and take their exams.

We are still working hard at getting more places to become test sites for us and more people to become Local Test Administrators for us. So, we’re asking you! If you know anyone who would be a good LTA or a place that would make a great test site, please provide us that information and we will follow up and establish contact with them. Also, some places already applied to become a test site with our previous testing company but were denied. We ask that they please try and apply again directly to us because the technical requirements for our test sites have now changed. So, if you applied before and were not able to become a test site for our previous test delivery company, please try again and hopefully this time will be successful.

Take A Sample Exam: This allows you to see what the exam interface looks like before you take the exam at the test site. While, of course, this is a sample, the actual NIC Interview and Performance will be very similar in appearance.

[Image Description: A graphic appears on the right side of the screen showing a scrolling list of options that say “Other Resources, Terms and Conditions, What to Expect.]

Other Resources: This are resources to help you study and prepare for the exam.

What to Expect: This outlines what you should expect on your test day and has our policies related to, for exam, cancellations or inclement weather.

Terms and Conditions: This is the candidate agreement form that you will e-sign when you register for your exam.

So, this is where we are right now. We’ve been working hard to make these exciting changes happen!

People have been asking about their testing process cycle – the period of time from when they have passed their NIC Knowledge exam to when they must complete their NIC Interview and Performance Exam. For candidates in the midst of their test cycle who were eligible to take their NIC IP exam but were unable to due to the testing platform transition will have that time added to their end of the testing process cycle. So, if a NIC IP candidate has 5 years in their testing process cycle to take NIC IP Exam and the testing platform transition lasted 6 months, and they were eligible to take the NIC IP, their testing cycle will be extended 6 months.

When the CASLI Exam System has 50 Local Test Administrators fully operational around the country, we will “open” the exam system and reconfigure new test expiration dates based on that date.

We are thrilled with all of these new developments! This is an exciting time for us with test delivery platform transition and with testing development. We’re still working hard to publish the new CASLI Generalist Knowledge Exam and CASLI Generalist Performance Exams sometime spring of 2020.

As always, anytime you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly. While we’re more than happy to address any issues, please know that both Sean and I are very busy so while we intend to get back to you as soon as we can, there may be some delays.

Thank you so much for watching! I hope you have a wonderful day!

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