Hi there, my name is Star Grieser. I’m the director of testing for the Center for the Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation, or CASLI.

We have a few announcements we want to share with you! First, about two or three weeks ago, in the third week of March, we hosted a focus group of Deaf Interpreting Subject Matter Experts who convened in Washington, DC for a weekend to record the KSAs – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities of the Deaf Interpreting Profession. Those KSAs will become the basis of a survey for working CDIs and Deaf Interpreters. The results of that survey will become the Deaf Interpreter Job Task Analysis. The JTA is the first major step in test development for Deaf Interpreters . We’re thrilled about that. We expect the first draft of the survey this week and then the final to be released in less than a month. The results of that survey forms our JTA and when the testing committee convenes, the JTA will serve as the foundation of the Deaf interpreter exams. We’re very excited about that.

You know that Oklahoma Chapter of RID donated $3,000 to CASLI specifically for the development of the Deaf Interpreter Exam? They’re really supportive and encouraging of the Deaf Interpreting profession. We want OKRID to know that we did use those funds for the Deaf Interpreter Focus Group. Thank you! If you are a member of OKRID or you know a member of OKRID, please give them a heartfelt THANK YOU for supporting the Deaf Interpreting field!

About two or three months ago, we advertised that we were looking for more members of our testing committee plus in test development subcommittees – we will have a few committees in the test development process. We’re still searching. We did receive a few applications, but not nearly enough. Plus, as you know the interpreting field is so diverse with specialties, experiences, various groups, etc., we want CASLI to reflect that diversity. So, we’re seeking more applicants. If you are interested to join our committee, please don’t hesitate to call me. My phone number is 703-988-4543 and my email is Director@CASLI.org.

Also, this weekend I’ll be at Street Leverage in Philly/Cherry Hill So, if you see me, please come up to me. I’m more than happy to discuss what’s involved in the Testing Committee What we’re looking for, so we can get an idea if we’re a good fit. So please come and talk with me! Or if it’s better, please call or email me. I’m more than happy to chat with you.

Also, CASLI is looking for more people to join the Board of Managers or BoM. The CASLI board is different than the testing committee which is focus on test development and management. The BOM is more about governance and operations for CASLI as a whole entity. As CASLI is a relatively new organization and is growing, the Board will help lead CASLI through this growth and development. We have more information regarding the board on our website so please take a look at what’s involved, the requirements, what we’re looking for, See if it’s a good fit for you, as well. We’re looking for people who have a background in interpreting, but also maybe business experience, Maybe public relations, technology and software development for testing technology All of this! We’re looking for people who can help guide CASLI as we grow as a test management and delivery company Thank you so much for your time. Thank you for watching! Until next time!!