CASLI Winter Update



Hello, my name is Star Grieser and I am the Director of Testing for the Center for the Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation, or CASLI. We are wrapping up the year 2017 and gearing up for the new year. I wanted to share some news and updates from the past few months since I have come aboard.

I have been focusing on three primary areas: First, Test administration and the continuous nationwide delivery of the exams we currently administer, which are the CDI Knowledge, NIC Knowledge, and NIC Interview and Performance exams. My job is to ensure these exams run as smoothly as possible and to resolve any issues that come up with these three exams, I am the contact person for troubleshooting and helping to resolve any issues. Secondly, I have been working on rater refresher training for our raters to ensure that the standards established for the exams are maintained. Thirdly, I have been working and planning on the test development for new deaf and hearing interpreter exams. More information on test development will be forthcoming in 2018.

A few people have contacted me regarding the status on the CDI exams. The Knowledge exam is still running while the CDI Performance exam is still on a moratorium. You can apply for the CDI Knowledge exam anytime. More information regarding signing up and scheduling the exam can be found on our website. If your location does not have a test site available to administer the CDI Knowledge exam but you know someone who is willing to become a test administrator, please have that person contact me at CASLI will be more than glad to help facilitate the opening of a new CDI test site in your location. While we are focused on test development, the RID Board will be informing members about a CDI Bridge Plan for the Provisional Deaf Interpreter, so look for that.

CASLI is also searching for more NIC Interview and Performance test sites, if you know any agencies, organizations, or college campuses interested in administering the NIC Interview and Performance exam, please have that person contact us anytime to start the facilitation process of potentially opening up a new test site in your location!

The big news for 2018 is the development of new exams! More information regarding the exam developments will be released on our website as it becomes available! Please keep checking back for that.

Lastly, a big THANK YOU to the Oklahoma Chapter of RID! They have generously donated $3,000 to CASLI towards developing the Deaf interpreter exam. We will be putting those funds to good use, specifically for the deaf interpreting exam. Again, a big thank you to them!

We at CASLI wish you all a Happy Holiday and look forward to working with you next year!