Introducing the new Director of Testing – Star Grieser

ASL with English Captions:


Hi my name is Star Grieser. I am the new Director of Testing for CASLI, the Center for the Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation.

I just started this past September, a few months ago and since starting, I have devoted my time to learning about the testing development process and administration to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible for the three exams we administer: the NIC – Knowledge Exam, the NIC – Interview and Performance Exam, and the CDI – Knowledge Exam. I have also been working with raters on rater refresher and developing training to make sure the rating process is as efficient as possible.

There are many aspects of this job that I have delved into, trained on, and worked with our team to improve many of the processes we are tasked with here. I am fortunate to work with a wonderful team here at RID and CASLI, plus work with such a strong Board here at CASLI with such exemplary leadership. They have been so helpful in guiding me through the many, many testing development processes for our future exams. So far, I have been enjoying the process. There are many different challenges but I look forward to addressing those challenges, figuring out the best way to resolve issues, and continue endeavoring towards success! I look forward to it!

So a bit about me. I grew up in south Florida and was mainstreamed until graduation then I attended the Rochester Institute of Technology through SVP ’94 to study Professional & Technical Communication. After graduating I stayed in Rochester, NY for several years then moved to Virginia. It was in Virginia that I started working in Deaf Education then decided to return to school to get my Master’s degree where I discovered my passion to train interpreters. I taught American Sign Language and interpreting associated training courses at a community college. I became an Interpreter Training Program coordinator and worked in that position for over eleven years.

I was involved in many aspects of the program from mentoring, education, assessment, program development, curriculum development, and working with advisory boards and committees. All of these experiences taught me so much about the profession of interpreting. I became a Certified Deaf Interpreter in the process (I am also ASLTA-Certified). I became really invested into and understood the profession better. I also have been very involved with the Deaf community within various organizations at the local, state, and a little on the national level – mostly on the state level. I have been heavily involved in community advocacy, community education, and working towards the betterment of the Deaf community. So that is where my heart is… everything I do is for the Deaf community and for our cherished interpreting field as well.

So, that is who I am. I am here now so if you ever want to contact me, you can via my email address at and my phone number is 703-988-4543. I am looking forward to working with you. Please feel welcome to contact me anytime. Again, I am looking forward to meeting and working with you. Thank you so much!