Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI) Exam

About CDI Certification

Holders of this certification are deaf or hard of hearing and have demonstrated knowledge and understanding of interpreting,  deafness, the Deaf community, and Deaf culture. Holders have specialized training and/or experience in the use of gesture, mime, props, drawings and other tools to enhance communication. Holders possess native or near-native fluency in American Sign Language and are recommended for a broad range of assignments where an interpreter who is deaf or hard-of-hearing would be beneficial.

The CDI certification process begins with a multiple-choice CDI Knowledge Exam. Candidates are eligible for the CDI Knowledge Exam if they meet RID’s 40 hour training requirement. Candidates who have passed the knowledge exam within 5 years may then apply for the CDI Bridge Plan.

CDI Checklist

  • Review all pertinent CDI webpages on the CASLI website
  • Submit proof of meeting the 40 hour training requirement to RID
  • Apply for the CDI Knowledge Exam
  • Pass the CDI Knowledge Exam
  • Submit proof of meeting the educational requirement to RID
  • Apply for the RID CDI Bridge Plan (once available)

CDI Candidate Process PDF

CDI Exam Fees (As of July 1, 2016)

Exam Type  RID Member Non-Member
CDI Knowledge Exam $225 $280
CDI Knowledge Exam Retake $165 $190

 CDI Exam Paper Application

*Candidates can purchase exams through the RID/CASLI Portal for faster processing.

CDI Knowledge Exam Application