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Hi my name is Star Grieser and I am the Director of Testing for the Center for the Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation, CASLI. We’re providing a few updates on what’s going on within CASLI and what’s coming up. It may seem like things are quiet, but actually Sean and I are as busy as ever with all aspects of exam administration and development.

CALL FOR RATERS: Last month, we put out a call for raters for a new cohort of raters for the CASLI performance exam and we’re not quite satisfied with the number of applications we’ve received so far. We want to receive more applications from specifically Deaf and Black, Indigenous and People of Color to have a diverse rater cohort. If you, yourself or you know someone who would be interested, please visit, and share this information with them. Applicants must be RID certified. We will accept applications on a rolling basis but for this next cohort training, the application deadline has been extended to May 17th.

DEAF PERFORMANCE EXAM BETA PERIOD: We released the Deaf Performance Exam last fall and also informed our candidates that we needed a pool of about 50 exam results before we would convene a scoring committee to develop the scoring criteria and train raters for scoring the exam. We have not accumulated tests results yet so if you’re a CDI candidate who has passed the CDI-Knowledge exam and are eligible to the Deaf performance exam, please do as soon as you can so we can complete this beta period of the exam and get the exams scored and results back to our candidates.

HEARING PERFORMANCE EXAM FILMING: Last year we announced that due to COVID-19, we were unable to film the new CASLI Generalist Performance Exam for Hearing Interpreters. We’ve since been working with our psychometrician and our Testing Committee to maintain the validity and reliability of the NIC Interview and Performance Exam. We’re very excited to start planning for filming to commence by late summer/early fall as travel and group gathering restrictions due to COVID-19 are lifted. Hopefully, we will be able to release the new Hearing Performance Exam by late fall, winter or early 2022.

CASLI GENERALIST KNOWLEDGE EXAM: We had announced that the CGKE would start administration at the beginning of 2021, however, we experienced some technical snags. We contract with a company, ScanTron, to administer our CGKE for us at over 1,000 test sites nationally and ScanTron had some technical issues with the integration of their login system with our CASLI Exam System and had to develop additional coding to get the two systems to work together correctly. This took longer than anticipated but the issues are resolved and ScanTron will start administering the CGKE. We are reaching out to our knowledge exam candidates directly with this information. Once exam administration starts, the CGKE will go through a beta period where we need a pool of 100 exam results before we can convene a scoring committee to determine the cut score of the CGKE. This beta period process will take a few more months but then after the beta period, all CGKE exams will be henceforth autoscored for our candidates.

BACHELOR DEGREE REQUIREMENT FOR THE DEAF PERFORMANCE EXAM TO START MAY 17, 2021: This is just a reminder to our CDI Candidates. Previously and currently, the eligibility requirement for the Deaf interpreter performance exam (not the knowledge exam) has been an Associate degree or equivalent. This requirement will be changed to a Bachelor degree or equivalent beginning on May 17, 2021.

TEST PROCESS CYCLES TO BEGIN AGAIN JUNE 1, 2021: Two years ago, when CASLI began the transition between our previously contracted test delivery company to our new CASLI Exam System and LTA network, we announced at all candidates’ in the midst of their testing process (those who have passed the knowledge exam but not yet have passed the performance exam), their Testing Process Cycles will be paused and then will resume when we reach a national network of 50 open and operational test sites. This pause in TPCs was extended again due to the COVID-19 global pandemic essentially shutting down the entire testing industry. We are very close to 50 open and operational test sites within our LTA network and are officially announcing that candidates’ TPCs will begin on June 1, 2021. Up to ONE YEAR of time eligible to test will be added to a candidate’s testing process cycle. We will be manually updated everyone’s TPC expiration date. We appreciate your time and patience as we make these updates.

As always, any time you have any questions about general CASLI operations or exam administration, please feel free to contact me directly at If you have a question that specifically about your account or about becoming an LTA for CASLI, please contact our testing coordinator, Sean Furman, at

Thank you so much for watching!

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