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CASLI Announcements Deaf Interpreter Performance Exam. November 16, 2020.

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Hello! I’m Sean Furman and I am the testing coordinator for CASLI.

I am thrilled to be sharing an exciting news with you all. Many of the Deaf candidates that are pursuing the CDI Certification have been waiting with anticipation on updates with the Deaf Performance exam. We know it has been a long process and we want to thank you for your patience and support as CASLI work hard in developing this exam. So thank you for that. WE are thrilled to let you know that the Deaf Interpreter Performance Exam is now available on our testing platform to you to take.

A few things we want to share with you so you are aware of them before you proceed to purchase, schedule and take your exam.

As CASLI has moved to a new testing platform, CASLI Exam System (CES) which will have all of your exam information (going forward), we will need all candidate to create a CASLI Exam System account. You can do that by going to Please make sure the account information is the same as your RID account such as name, email, and RID number. Once you create an account, you can log in and navigate through the system and become familiar with the testing platform. including Sample an Exam that candidate can take to get an idea of what it looks like. That’s the first step.

Education Requirement is the 2nd thing and as RID has educational requirement for candidates to be able to take their Performance exam. For CDI candidates, they must have a minimum of Associate’s degree (as of right now) or higher degree such as Bachelor’s or Master’s OR have an approved Alternative Pathway plan. If you have not submitted to RID Certification department your official transcript for your degree or Alternative Pathway plan, please send it soon as that will speed up the process. If you have any questions, please contact RID Certification department at

Next is the Bridge Plan has two parts. The first part of the Bridge Plan is the Learning Module, which covers specific Knowledge Skill Abilities (KSAs) that was lacking from the previous test. There will be a short video to watch that covers three KSAs which are 1) Mandated Reporting, 2) Working with interpreters using different language other than English & ASL, 3) Safety protective gears to use while interpreting such as mask, hard hat and etc.; We want to make sure candidates are familiar with these KSA’s before taking their Performance exam. There will be a brief quiz to complete which will not be scored. The purpose is to make sure you are familiar with these KSAs to satisfy the psychometrician needs.

The second part of the Bridge Plan is the GAP Test also known as the Ethical Decision Making and Cultural Competency Case Studies Exam. There will be 8 case studies which candidate will watch and select best responses to those scenarios. That exam will be given at the same time candidates takes their Deaf Interpreter Performance exam.

The next thing is requesting an exam which candidates can do that by clicking on Request an Exam tab on the CASLI Exam System. Fill out the Exam Request form and let me know which exam you wish to take; I will review and verify candidate’s eligibility to ensure all requirements have been met. Then I will add the exam to your CASLI account. You can proceed to purchase the exam, after the purchase of the exam, you will get a Proctor Token number which you need for the day of your exam.

Once you have your token number, you can proceed to contact the test site of your preference to schedule your exam. On CES, there is a tab View Proctor Locations, once you click on it, you will see a map with different test sites with color pins. Green pin means the site is open and able to administer the exam. Purple are sites that have been implemented but are currently closed due to the pandemic. Red & Yellow are sites that are in the process of being set up and not yet ready to administer exam. Look for a site that is green and is close to you, then go ahead and contact them to schedule your exam.

Please be mindful with the surge of COVID-19 cases, CASLI is advising you to be cautious when planning your exam date/location. If you are considering travelling far by vehicle, train or plane, you may want to reconsider as it is not recommended. We want your number one priority to be your safety and health. Please take that in consideration when scheduling your examinations. Maybe hold off your exam to a later time until you feel it is safe to take your exam. Again, this is at your discretion.

Once you have scheduled your exam and need to prepare for your exam, please review CASLI’s website. We just did an overhaul on our website and updated the website with all of the new information regarding our exams. Additionally, there are resources available to help with preparing for the exam including KSAs content outlines and other things on our website. Also, on CES, there are specific resources such as what to expect with the exams on the day of your scheduled exam, terms and conditions and additionally you can sample the exams to become familiar with what the exams looks like.

Once you have taken your exams, please do not expect your exam score within 90 days as we are in beta phase which means we will need to have 50 – 100 of candidate’s exams, both the Deaf Interpreter Performance Exam and Case Studies Exam, and have scoring committees to review all of the these exams to determine the cut score /passing score for both the Performance Exam AND the GAP test. This could take 6 months but with the pandemic, we anticipate there may be delays making it a longer process. We ask you for your patience with this. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us as we will be happy to provide you with answers and support.

Again, we are excited about this as this has been long time coming. Again, we want to say Thank you for your patience with this. Please when you are planning to take your exam, be considerate of yourself, your safety and health as that should be your number one priority.

We wish you all the best as you pursue your CDI Certification. Thank you for watching.