Deaf Interpreter Focus Group Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

March 17 and 18, 2018

Washington, DC

CASLI is forever indebted to Betti Bonni for these pictures. Thank you, Betti!!

Back row: Jon Lamberton, Kirsi Grigg-Langdon, Cynthia Napier, Monique Holt, Amy Peterson, Ritchie Bryant, Jimmy Beldon, Jackie Lightfoot (hearing interpreter for Buck)

Front row: Buck Chaffee (Caviart Group), Steven Stubbs, Michael Raffanti (CASLI testing specialist), Janis Cole, Christina Whitehouse-Suggs (hearing interpreter for Buck), Betti Bonni, Ray Kenney, Keven Poore, Trenton Marsh, Star Grieser (CASLI testing director)