Day of the Exam

Once you have met exam eligibility, have purchased, and have scheduled the exam, your next step will be to prepare for your exam day.

All candidates must have an acceptable form of ID with them on their exam day. We recommend that you dress comfortably and appropriately for the exam. Candidates should arrive 15 minutes early. You will be asked to sign this Candidate Agreement Form prior to starting the test. This will be given to you by your proctor and saved along with your test in Comira/PSI’s system.

What to Expect at the Test Site:

Comira/PSI’s platform allows us to streamline our exam administration process.  You will now be able to record your exam directly to a secured website.  There are a few new features that will enhance your test-taking experience.  

Prior to the exam:

  • You will be able to adjust the camera settings, including lighting, via the Microsoft LifeCam settings.  
  • You will also be able to run audio tests to adjust the external speakers to your desired volume.  
  • You will have at least a 21” monitor where you will be able to increase the source video screen size up to 125%.

During the exam:

  • You will also be able to view yourself during the recording using a self-view screen.  The self-view screen can be turned off or on during the exam to help monitor yourself during the exam.  

After the exam, you will be asked by the proctor to review and sign a Candidate Reporting Form. This form serves as a record of your testing experience. If any incidents occur during the exam, such as a technical issue that arises or the conditions of the room are detrimental to the testing experience, you will be asked to provide details for both CASLI and Comira/PSI.

As each exam can still be different, we recommend specifically reviewing that exams “Exam Details” webpage. You will have access to what to expect on the day of your exam, the scoring criteria, and what to do for inclement weather. If you have questions about a step in the process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Once your exam is finished, you have the option of providing feedback. If your Test Administrator does not provide a feedback form, you can find this Candidate Feedback Form here. Please print, fill out and then submit this form to CASLI at with any feedback you have for other CASLI or for Comira/PSI.