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Screen opens with the CASLI Logo: CASLI letterings split into two. One half is red and the other half is grey with “Center for the Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation” juxtaposed in between the split CASLI letterings. March 2023: CASLI Updates in black text

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Screen dissolves to show Sean Furman, white man with short salt/pepper hair smiling, wearing a grey polo shirt, sitting against grey background.


Hello, I am Sean Furman, Testing Director for CASLI. I hope all is well with you all. It has been a while since our last update so I am sure you are curious to know what has been going on with CASLI. I will take the time to elaborate and share some updates with you.

CASLI NIC Performance Exam Updates:

Many candidates have taken the Performance Exam: NIC and have been waiting patiently for their exam results. Firstly, we want to THANK YOU for taking the exam and for your patience as you wait for your exam results. THANK YOU!  Now, onto the progress we have been making, the Scoring Committee have made tremendous progress as they met frequently to review candidates vignettes and discuss them as well as scoring criteria and decide the cut score.  The good news is they have recently wrapped up their work and progress and we will be moving into the next phase: Rater Training. We will start training raters within the next few weeks to ensure they understand how to rate following the scoring criteria that the Scoring Committee have established.  Once raters have been rated and follow through with their training progress, then they will start rating actual candidates’ exam vignettes. Shortly afterward, candidates can anticipate their exam results coming their way for the Performance Exam: NIC this summer 2023. Please keep in mind, that there is a huge volume of exams taken by candidates that is waiting to be rated,  and it does not mean all of the exam results will go out all at once. Exam results will be sent out from time to time pending on when the exam has been rated as it will take some time for the raters to rate all of the exams.

One thing to mention, please know that NO candidates have received their exam results for the Performance Exam: NIC.  I say that as there seems to be “hearsay rumors” that some have gotten their results and I wanted to confirm that is not accurate as NO exam results have been sent out for the Performance Exam: NIC.  Only candidates that have received their exam results are the one that took the CDI Performance exam.

Again, for those who have been waiting patiently, you WILL get your exam result this summer between July to September 2023.

Exam results for CASLI Generalist Knowledge Exam and Case Studies Exam:

As summer is approaching fast, it will be a busy time for CASLI with various projects, staff being out on vacation and other things, what that may mean is there may be slight backlog with CASLI Generalist Knowledge Exam and Case Study exam result. Typically, candidate can expect results within 7 – 10 business days but because of the backlog, there may be a delays in receiving CGKE/CS results up to a week. For those who have or will be taking the CGKE/CS exam and are anticipating results of the exams, bear with us for the time being. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Retaking Case Study Exam:

This is related to Case Study exam, for candidates who have taken the Performance Exam: NIC with the Case Study exam. We know you have been waiting for your results for the Performance Exam. As for the Case Study exam, if you took it and did not pass it , you may be wondering whether you can retake the Case Study exam without having to wait for the Performance exam result? The answer is “Yes”, as long it has been more than three months since you last took the Case Study exam.  Once the three month period has passed, you can proceed to take the Case Study exam as a “stand-alone” exam while still waiting for the Performance exam result.  If you need more details on how to proceed with this, please contact us and we will assist you with the process.

Testing Cycle Expiration / Extension:

Next is related to testing cycle. Two elements to the testing cycle.  First is testing cycle expiration, this is another friendly reminder to please monitor your testing cycle expiration date, as we want you to be in the know of when your cycle expires and not miss out on the opportunity to take your exams prior to the expiration of your testing cycle. So, please be sure to monitor that.  If you are uncertain of when your testing cycle expiration date is, please contact us and we will be happy to get that to you.

Now, for testing cycle extension, those who took the Performance Exam: NIC and been waiting their exam results, will have added time to their testing cycle.  Keep in mind, this will vary for each individual pending on when they took the Performance exam. If the person took the Performance exam more than six (6) months ago, then they will have added time from the end of 6th month mark to the time they receive notification of their exam results (*as long your testing cycle does not expire prior to that six (6) month window*). Please know that it will take time for us to calculate testing cycle expiration dates with the added time after all candidates have received their exam results for the Performance Exam: NIC. Again, thank you for your patience as we get through this process and at any time, you have questions regarding this, please contact us as we will be happy to answer your questions.

New LTA Test Site

Lastly but not the least, CASLI continues to strive in expanding our network of testing sites across the nation. We just opened two new testing sites in the state of California in Cypress and Los Angeles. For more details, you can refer to our CASLI Exam System. Again, we remind you that if there you now of a potential testing site that could be a good fit to be a testing site, please let us know as we will be happy to reach out to them to discuss the possibility of becoming a testing site.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to CASLI as we are here to support you.

Please have a good summer, stay cool and stay safe.  Take care.

Screen dissolves to show the CASLI Logo.

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Sean Furman, Testing Director  VP/VRS: 571-257-4761

Amie Santiago, Testing Manager 

Sami Willicheva, Testing Specialist  VP/VRS: 571-357-3896 (in black text)