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Screen opens with the CASLI Logo: CASLI letterings split into two. One half is red and the other half is grey with “Center for the Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation” juxtaposed in between the split CASLI letterings. June 2022: CASLI Updates in black text

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Hello everyone, I  am Sean Furman, CASLI’s Director of Testing. Hope all is well with you all. Enjoying your summer and staying cool?

CASLI has some  quick updates to share with you.

CASLI Generalist Knowledge Exam and Case Studies Exam:

As you know both CASLI Generalist Knowledge Exam and Case Studies Exam have been in beta period for some time now.  Many of you have been waiting patiently for your exam results.  Thank you for that as it is greatly appreciated.  We do have GREAT news! We were able to finally (PAH!) sent out ALL exam results up to the recent one. All candidates should have received their exam results by now. What that means?  Beta Period is officially complete!  Going forward, candidates who takes the Knowledge and Case Study exam(s) will get their exam results within ten (10) business days from taking the exam.  We are really excited about this milestone and looking forward for things to be more efficient from here on.

I want to quickly mention a few things so you are aware of them and what’s next for some of you.

Candidates who passed both Fundamental of Interpreting and Case Study, the two portions of the CASLI Generalist Knowledge Exam, are eligible to take the new Performance Exam. Know that candidates must have satisfied RID’s education requirement of either Bachelor’s degree or approved Alternative Pathway plan. If you are not sure about this or have questions, please contact RID Certification department and they will support you with this.

The New Performance Exam for NIC Certification is not yet ready. It will be ready very soon within the next few weeks. We are finalizing and making some tweaks to the exams to make sure everything is good to go before we release the exam for candidates to take. We are truly excited for you to take the new Performance exam toward your NIC Certification.

Candidates who passed Fundamental of Interpreting portion but did not pass the Case Study portion, specifically for those who are pursuing the NIC Certification,  it is recommend that you wait for the new Performance exam to be released.  The reason for that is so you can take both the new Performance exam accompanied with the Case Study exam.

Candidates who not pass Fundamental of Interpreting portion but passed the Case Study portion,  they must take and pass the Fundamental of Interpreting portion before they can take the Performance exam.  It has to be more than three (3) month since they last took the exam to be eligible to take the exam again.

If candidates did not pass both the Fundamental of Interpreting and the Case Study portions, they can retake both exams as long it has been more than three (3) months since they last took both exams.

If you need more clarification or have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Candidates’ Testing Cycle:

Candidates’ whose testing cycle may have recently expired (or soon expire) and may not have been able to take the Performance exam recently (due to the retirement of the NIC Interview & Performance exam), please contact us. We will review your testing cycle and figure it out. If you are concerned about your testing cycle expiration, please contact us and we will work with you.

Beta Period for the New Performance Exam – NIC:

For the new Performance exam for the NIC Certification,  I want to again remind you that when the new Performance exam is released, that will start the beta period.  Beta period could be six (6) months or longer from the time the exam is released. During that time, it is CASLI’s goal to keeping things moving along with the goal of six (6) month or less if possible. Again, I mention this as  I want you to be aware of this and not expecting the exam result within the typical 90 days time frame and be mindful that beta period could be six months or longer.

Again, at any time you have question, need clarifications, or have concerns,  please contact me or Sami, CASLI’s testing specialist. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Thank you for watching. Have a good summer.

I will see you the next time.

Screen dissolves to show the CASLI Logo.

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Sean Furman, Testing Coordinator  VP/VRS: 571-257-4761

Sami Willicheva, Testing Specialist  VP/VRS: 571-357-3896 (in black text)