Opening Slide Image Description:
Screen opens with the CASLI Logo: CASLI letterings split into two. One half is red and the other half is grey with “Center for the Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation” juxtaposed in between the split CASLI letterings. Farewell Message: Miako Villanueva in black text

Image Description:
White female with dark black wavy curly hair, wearing grey shirt with black sweater, standing against a light yellow background.


Hello, I’m Miako Villanueva. I am the current President of CASLI Board of Managers. This January (2022), my term ends and I am stepping down from the board and my role as President of CASLI Board. The CASLI Board will continue with new board members joining in with new changes and growth as that will continue. My role with the Board will end. I have been with CASLI since its inception as the President. It’s heart touching to see how that works has shifted and changed over time. Thank you for your support, feedback, and involvement in this process. Our field needs a lot of changes to happen with significant improvement that is much needed. This work is not easy as it requires one to be invested, ready to roll up sleeves, and tackle the work going forward. It requires our involvement as well as your involvement and support for the ongoing work that is being done is crucial to the process.

Thank you to you all. I am truly touched and it has been a honor for me to serve CASLI as a President of CASLI Board. I look forward to the future as CASLI continues to shift, grow, and transform improving the profession.

Thank you.