In March 2016, the RID Board of Directors appointed a CDI Bridge Plan Committee. This group is tasked with developing a plan for temporarily credentialing Deaf Interpreters until a new and updated CDI Exam Program is developed. The goal was to have the bridge plan developed and available by July 1, 2016, for candidate application.

A CDI Bridge Plan was submitted to the Board for consideration and review last week, however, it has not yet been adopted by the Board. As a result, RID HQ does not have sufficient time to operationalize the application process of the CDI Bridge Plan by July 1, 2016.  As soon as the final CDI Bridge Plan is approved, RID HQ will create the necessary processes to support it and those candidates seeking this path to temporary certification. An announcement will be made as soon as the information is available for distribution.

The intent of the bridge plan is to provide Deaf interpreters a temporary means of being credentialed until CDI test development proceeds and results in a new exam, scheduled for implementation in 2018. The CDI Written Exam will continue to be offered and administered by the Center for Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation, LLC (CASLI) test sites and test administrators. For more information, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are being developed and will be available on both the RID and CASLI websites.