The Job Task Analysis (JTA) survey for the NIC credential opened Wednesday, April 27, 2016. The goal of the survey is to gather information from the breadth of RID’s members and stakeholders to validate the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities required for an NIC interpreter.

The JTA is an essential way for interpreters and consumers to have an impact on the content that is included in future revisions of the NIC exams. Through responses to this survey, it will be codified what it is that an NIC interpreter should be expected to do on the job, and therefore what should be evaluated on the exams.

The survey identifies the most critical elements that determine whether an interpreter is minimally qualified to be certified. In order for the certification exam(s) to be developed in a way that produces interpreters that meet your expectations, we need your support and participation.

Defining how these elements are measured is not the purpose of this survey. Elements of exam design such as length of vignettes, available preparation materials, or the rating process will be addressed during the next phase of development. A great deal of feedback has already been gathered on the format of the current exam, and there will be additional opportunities for member input on this subject in the near future.

This survey is the culmination of work conducted in 2014 and 2015 by the Certification Committee. In addition to information gathered at the RID Regional Conferences in 2014, more than 50 volunteers, including members of both the Deaf and interpreter communities, have contributed to the development of this survey through interviews, focus groups, and panel discussions.

The completion of a JTA is the first step in the development plan and will provide the foundation for the revision of the NIC exams. This is also a major step in the life-cycle of a healthy certification program.