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Screen opens with the CASLI Logo: CASLI letterings split into two. One half is red and the other half is grey with “Center for the Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation” juxtaposed in between the split CASLI letterings. December 2021: CASLI Updates in black text

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Screen dissolves to show Sean Furman, white man smiling, wearing a dark grey shirt sitting in a black chair against a grey background.


Hello to you all. I’m Sean Furman, the testing coordinator for CASLI. Hope this finds you all doing well. Are you ready for the holiday break? CASLI staff sure are ready for the holiday break. We want to let you know that CASLI will be closed December 23 – January 2 and during that time, we will not be responding to emails or calls as we will be closed. We will be spending time with our loved one, family, friends, being disconnected from work, so we can come back January 3, 2022, ready to support you. Again, we are closed from December 23 – until January 3, 2022.

Moving on, a quick update on the CASLI Generalist Knowledge Exam (CGKE), many of you who have taken the exam have been waiting with anticipation for your exam results. We understand that and thank you for your patience while waiting for your exam results. As you already know, the CGKE Scoring Committee met and determined a cut score and our psychometrician has been finalizing all of the data, which we have recently received. That data is needed for us to run and calculate candidates’ exam results. We have entered all of that into the CASLI Exam System getting it ready to go. We ran the calculation on candidates’ exams and through that, we noticed something was off. Digging into this further, we identified a glitch in the system and we have contacted our developer to correct this as soon as possible. What this means, unfortunately, candidates will not get their exam results this month (December 2021) as we had previously communicated. This means there will be a slight delay where candidates will get their exam results in January 2022. For that, we are truly sorry as this was unexpected and we wish we could correct this sooner but that is not possible. We understand that you have been looking forward to getting your exam results and that it impacts you in different ways. Again, we want to thank you for your patience and understanding with this process. Again, we apologize for this and it is our intent for candidates to get their exam results in January 2022 for both portions of CGKE: Fundamental of Interpreting and Case Study. Again, thank you.

Next thing to mention: CASLI again is calling for raters. This time, we specifically need Deaf individuals to be raters as we need them to be ready to rate candidates who have taken the Deaf Interpreter Performance Exam. Deadline to apply for this is January 10, 2022. Keep in mind, we continue to accept applications on rolling basis. For the next batch of raters, applications needs to be sent in by January 10, 2022. If you know of someone who would be a good fit/ interested or even yourself, please tell them to apply or apply yourself. The link will be shared at the end of this vlog. ( Again, please spread the word.

I want to take a moment to recognize two individuals who have been involved with CASLI. The first person is Dr. Caroline Kobek Pezzarossi – she has been on CASLI Board for three years. Thank you, Caroline, for your dedication, involvement, and insights. We truly appreciated it. Thank you for your service and she will be missed. The second person is Miako Villanueva who has been with CASLI Board of Managers for almost six (6) years since the inception of CASLI. Miako has been incredible, ready to contribute, actively involved in her role as the President of CASLI Board. She has been amazing with her wisdom and leadership which has been significant part of CASLI’s growth. She will be missed and huge thank you to Miako for her years of service. Again, gratitudes to two of them as their terms on CASLI Board will end January 2022. They will be missed and again gratitudes to them.

Lastly, I want to wish you all happy holiday and a great ring into the new year 2022. We look forward seeing you in 2022. Please stay safe, healthy and take care.

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Sean Furman, Testing Coordinator VP/VRS: 571-257-4761
Sami Willicheva, Testing Specialist VP/VRS: 571-357-3896
Call for Raters: (in black text)