NIC Testing Process Timeline and Extensions



Candidates must pass the NIC Knowledge Exam before taking the NIC Interview and Performance Exam. The NIC Interview and Performance Exam must be passed within five years of the most recent passing NIC Knowledge Exam. If both exams are not passed within a five (5) year period (60 months), the NIC certification process must be started over.


*Once in a member’s lifetime a one-year extension to this process can be requested. To request this extension please complete the Testing Extension Request Form. Some RID Certified Members are exempt from having to take the Part I – NIC Knowledge Examination. This includes any RID Certified Member whose membership is in good standing and who holds one or more of the following credentials: NAD III, NAD IV and NAD V, IC, TC, CSC, MCSC, CI, CT, NIC, NIC Advanced or NIC Master. Note: the RSC, OIC:V/S, OIC:S/V, OIC:C, and Ed:K-12 credentials do not qualify a candidate for this exemption.